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In order to get the best and most luscious horoscope reports, finding a good place offering detailed, specific, and free forecasts is the first thing to do. Is it enough to tolerate depression, mental breakdowns, and unfadable losses after many break-ups or suffer from the fierce battles with your partner?

Free Horoscope Chat Room

It’s time to seek an ideal type and start all over again with a new relationship. In some horoscope sites, many quizzes and tests are set up and posted online to help the ones failing in love to find their confidence and goals in life. Whenever anyone finds it hard to stand firm on his feet, let horoscope reports find his motives in life and save him from the feelings of disappointment and frustration. It’s possible to get both Western and Chinese astrology online wherein we can receive further interpretations of our lifetime in the most accurate way.

Feel free to dive into the in-depth knowledge of astrology. By discovering this realm, a normal person is able to reflect himself to see if there’s anything missing about his personalities or appearance which can get him ahead in every area of life.

Free Horoscope Chat Room

No extra fee is required for any online horoscope reading offered daily, weekly, and annually. There’s nothing to be skeptical about these services since psychic readers can ensure the quality of such astrological reports as well as their specialties. Discussion forums are also available online to create chances for us to talk to other members and get useful advice from the experts. In addition, some personalized horoscope readings are accessible to us during live chats or via email. Just input your birth data according to the sites’ instructions and the results will be shown subsequently.


  1. Sandeep Gupta :


    I am a male, age 26(02/24/1989) and a working professional. I am looking to change my job(new career) and its been over 3-4 months, not able to get through. I am under a lot of stress due to current work and this job search and obstacles. Just wanted to in how much time I will be able to get that new job..and be a little stable again. Just so frustrated at times, just want to get a job as soon as possible. Hope you got my point.

    Thank you

  2. raju chinthalapalli :

    hi sir, my date of birth 24/10/1985 kumbha rasi, iam suffering form lot of problems, till now did,t get right job and marriage. when will get a job and marriage

  3. raju chinthalapalli :

    and iam completed mca 2012 i am trying to software job. when will get a softwage job

  4. Sukanya Chatterjee :

    I am married for the last 15 years. Our marriage has been so far average with very frequent fights and quarrel, but still we have agreed to stay each other just because of our daughter. Nowadays the situation is such that we hardly share any intimate moments. It’s more like he wakes up starts ordering his needs and I just fulfill the same. My life has turned down more like a robot and in fact, to get rid of such a depression, I had started keeping myself extremely busy in my personal work. Now few days back, I met one of my old friend in the social media site, who once an upon a time proposed me but that time, although I loved him, but still refused him because I was not able to accept him as a lover. I like chatting with him for hours and seems like he enjoys the same. We have informed each other that our relation would be secret and would have no obligation and no commitment. Now that he is married with two kids, he is ok accepting me but he is scared too with a feeling that this relationship of ours might cause the problem in his marriage.

    Being said all these hope you understand that our situation is extremely confusing. We love each other in spite of knowing this fact that this is incorrect. Kindly suggest us the best that we should do as per our chart.

  5. my name liladhar suthar, i want to know my life.

  6. I love a boy I am only 14 years old and I don’t know if the not loves me.

  7. Sumit Choudhary :

    I wanted to know on foregone travel

  8. Sumit Choudhary :

    I wanted to know on foregone travel, My DOB is 30th May 1979, time: 7:45 PM, Place :- Munger Bihar.

  9. Hi my name is Arati patil I had girl working for 3 years her name is simple Singh , she had student uk visa now her visa is finish , what is gonna happen next ? She is gonna get visa again she will get sent back to India ?

  10. Hi

  11. hi

  12. Hi
    I am Saroj, am married and 30 years old woman. I am living in US after marriage. I am from India. Because of visa issues and lack of experience I couldn’t work here. It’s been 3 years I am trying to get some job. Recently I have studied here and trying to get jobs, but still I didn’t get anything. If I don’t get the job now and visa sponsorship, I will lose my student status. Please let me know. Can I get a job this month or next month? Specially paid job who will sponsor my visa to continue my work here.

  13. Hi ,,I was born in Sri Lanka in October in 1982 , now I’m living in Landon . So what would be the my horoscope?
    Thanks for your time

  14. My rasi and stone

  15. My rasi and tell my gems stone

  16. Antaripa Talukdar :

    At what age i’ll get married ?what is the physical appearance of my husband?

  17. I when will I marry?

  18. My daughter is born on 5/8/85. Looking for a groom for her since last 6 yrs. when will she find her soulmate

  19. dheerendra pratap :

    plz tell me my futere life

  20. Mohana lakshmi :

    Hi I’m Mohana Lakshmi born on 19/11/1981 in chennai
    I’m married and settled in bangalore
    I’m expecting my second baby now I’m in 8th week. Is it boy or girl

  21. Sachkiran Ahluwalia :

    will i be able to move out from my parents house this weekend

  22. Sir, I wish to get back my love. Wish to marry him and settle down soon. Kindly advise. My DOB 3rd Jan 79, Mumbai, 3.04 am. His DOB 15th May 76, Thane, 21.12pm . Thank u in adv.

  23. hello could you tell if my furture get better im deaf my name is penny

  24. Me and tha girl whom I want to marry have difference in our mangal dosha …
    Is this marriage is possible

  25. hi my date of birth is 26-08-1986 and timing is 3:30 PM and birth place Shimla India..let’s I know that when I will get married?

  26. I wanna know where my love life is going and if I will ever end up with the guy I like

  27. I’m very depressed and need some help…

  28. Can I be a film director…my date of birth is 7th April 1996..

  29. when I will marriage

  30. nirbhay sinha :

    Sir mera dob 2dec 1991, 11:35 min pm, munger bihar hai,
    Meri life me kuch achchha nhi ho raha hai,
    Mera sabal hai kya me civil service, ya engineering services, ya koi bhi public officer ban bauga,
    Kabhi meri economic position hogi ya u hi din rahege pls Hume bataea

  31. To know about my career prospects and marriage ?

  32. Muneer Ahamad Shaik :

    I would like to know whether I am right and what I want to do to gt my GOAL

  33. I am 25 write I am pursuing hotel management I want to whether I will go to abroad and settle thre only how much chances are there for me

  34. Hi..I just want to know whether I get my 457 visa.

  35. future family mater

  36. i wanna to ask about my husband deportation case.. its urgent please

  37. Bhushan Singh Gautam :

    Sent Mail
    suggestion on Neelam gemstone

    bhushan singh gautam
    to acharya
    2 days agoDetails
    Pranaam aacharya,

    My details:
    Name: Bhushan Singh Gautam
    DOB: 23 March 1987
    Time of birth: 05:25 am
    Place of Birth: Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh {22.09 N, 82.15 E}

    I am planning to wear Neelam Gemstone as suggested by jyotishi. However there are confusions which i want you to clarify:
    1) On which metal I should wear it. As some jyotish mentioned, for me wearing neelam with gold would be more auspicious and some suggested never ever wear neelam with gold?
    2) How about the weight of stone, somebody says more than 5 rattis, somebody says go for about 3.5 rattis but better quality more transparent?
    3) what would you suggest if i wear two stones of about 3.5 rattis each (there will be some colour difference between the two blue sapphires)

    Waiting for your advice.


  38. Divya barathi :

    Having lots of problems. And even problem in my love. My name is Divya barathi. DOB.7-10-1995 time.5:15 am. Will I get back my love

  39. pooja vasani :

    when will i get married?

  40. wanna chat

  41. Sir ,

    Mera naam ritik ha aur Meara janam varsh 16 June 2000 Delhi me ha to meare padhi aachi hoge ya neo kaya mujh pe sani dasha ha ya nei

  42. Am getting older and no man is coming to me,am lonely and relationship seems so difficult.pls I need your help.

  43. Shashi sharma :

    Can i do teaching job and when

  44. Ekjot Bhumra :

    I have been studying alot and I want to do my MBA this year

  45. Ankur Gogoi :

    I was born on 11February 1995 at 7:20pm at Sibsagar Assam..I would like to know am i a manglik person? How would be my Career life and how would be my love life? I would be greatful if i get the answer to my question soon

  46. I would like to know about my future life .

  47. I have found confusion amoungst the zodiac signs. Everyone has been talking about the change of the signs in 2016. If this is true, my birthdate is October 30, and there are two signs that now fall on my birthday. They are the Virgo and Libra. I would like to know my true sign.

  48. What does my future hold? Will i overcome my divorce and be successful in my career life?

  49. Chandan Chetry :

    Want to know about my carrer

  50. I am a male , my date of birth is 19 november 1988
    Time of birth is 12.05 am
    Place of birth is bhagalpur in bihar
    I have been married for about 2 years i just want to know do i have a child in my destiny?

  51. hi my date of birth is august 5th 1989. place of birth chennai in india. time of birth is 6pm21mts.
    im in love more than 8yrs. He dont know his birthtime.
    i want to know about my marriage prediction in my horoscope.
    i want to know whether ill have love marriage or arrange marriage. Plsssss help me

  52. I want to know my career. When I will get my desired job

  53. I have noticed that if my husband does anything that hurts me something bad happens to him or to them who are involved in that along with him. why is it so?. DOB 17 JULY 81. Time 3.41 a.m. Place: Thiruvananthapuram/Trivandrum, Kerala.

  54. I am Salma . My birthdate is 20may 1996. I want to know my future. I want to be optimist. Is it possible for me? I was failing in every competition exam. can i fill my aim? How can i get success? is 30 november is lucky day for me?

  55. Hi I m charity date of birth 1994/03/29 I wanna know is my girlfriend pregnant and do I have a future wth her?

  56. How cai get success ? I want to know mu future abou my career,love,wealth and also health.

  57. I want to know my future. I want to be optimist. Is it possible for me?

    no…..but you can effect it

  58. is anyone here

  59. Souparna Kundu :

    Can i be an Indian Police service service officer? ( Administration Officer)

  60. Souparna Kundu :

    Can i be an Indian Police service service officer? ( Administration Officer).
    D.o.b- 2nd April 1998
    Time- 10:10am
    Place- Cooch Behar, west bengal, India.

  61. Megan Pederson :

    I would love to know if I will ever have another relationship with another guy? Will anyone find me (in person) and fall in love with me when I move away to college? My birthday is October 7th of 1996 if that helps you at all.

  62. Can i consume alcohol after i break my fasting by evening on wednesday for lord ganesha

  63. Ankita Vishwakarma :

    I was in relationship, he broke with me twice, I want to know that he will back in my life or not

  64. I have been waiting to start a new job . I have been waiting for long waiting fo CRB please could you help me am very stressed. I don’t know what to do am going to get the job or not.

  65. Sangita Ulhas Gaonkar :

    I dont know what i vl do in future as which position i vl b working

  66. Am facing some challenges

  67. Are facing a relationship that went sour will we get back together

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