Astrology Birth Chart Reading Guide

Astrology Birth Chart Reading Guide

Our astrology birth chart tends to be calculated from our accurate birth time, date and place. Through interpreting this astrological chart, we are able to gain some fascinating insights into who we are and even why we act as the certain ways.

A Brief Guide To Reading Our Astrology Birth Chart

Step 1: Gather information
Yes, this step is always considered as the most important one. How can we do our astrology report without any detail about ourselves or someone we want to get to know? As mentioned above, we must get a better understanding of our actual date of birth, correct time of birth, and the place when we were born. May not identify the time when we were born? Don’t worry! We are still able to calculate the chart without. Instead, the time of Sunrise may be taken advantage of, and our chart could still be valid.

Step 2: Pay a visit to the 0800 Horoscope website
What for? Among the sea of Free Horoscope Readings on the Internet, this site can calculate our astrological birth chart with no extra fee or credit card. Give it a try, and we can be amazed at its comprehensive and insightful description.

A Brief Guide To  Reading Our Astrology Birth Chart

Step 3: Enter all of our essential information
This will be comprised of our full name, place of birth, birth date, time of birth (if possible), and gender. Don’t be reluctant to click ”OK” in order to calculate our astrological birth chart. Isn’t our birth city listed? We are strongly advised to pick out the city that is closest.

Step 4: Pay great attention to our 3 most crucial pieces of information
What are they? There are our moon sign, sun sign, and our ascendant. On a regular basis, the sun sign is described as the most general sign. Besides, our ascendant is the rising sign, allowing us to gain more exciting insights into ourselves while the moon sign is often associated with our intuition and emotions.

Step 5: Enjoy our real birth chart reading now!
It’s time to scroll to the bottom of the web page, and then use the mouse to drag the phrase ”Your birth chart graphic” We are enabled to print this out for our records.

Step 6: Read the description offered below ”Birth Chart”
All of the information should be relevant to who we are as a human. Yes, this is our astrological birth chart interpreted. Want to share it with our friends, partner or family members? Go ahead!


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